I now have a wii and animal crossing!!

Anybody want to be my animal crossing friend??

Also, i just started this town, i would have transferred my ds town to this one but my ds is broken. It sucks because my animal crossing wild world town had a lot of money, well my person did and i had paid off all my debt and had the biggest house with a lot of nice furniture u___u waaahhhh.

My new town is pretty cool though, I like it. The villagers aren’t that cute, I like Teddy and Melba though. 

But yeah, does anyone want to be my animal crossing friend or whatever?

  1. frostspells answered: yesssss i havent’ played that in a minute but yess hmu i have to figure out my friend code and all that but idk tell me yours
  2. justanotherhylian answered: I do! Send my your stuff :) my friend ID is is 1590-8353-4704 Name : April :Town ETFTOWN let me know when you want to play :)
  3. xenuprincess answered: i need to get this and we can totally e friends :)))
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